to the future
of Arcade games

Introducing the world's first

Spatial Augmented Gaming System.


Reality becomes your scenario to play limitlessly.

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Choose your 80s
inspired arcade game 

Design scenario and rules on top of real objects

Project and start playing
on any surface

It’s Augmented arcade,
and it's now

leave your screen behind?

Design your scenario

Project on any surface

Play augmented arcades


Load S-Arkade
on your PC / MAC / Phone

Run it and play
with your Projector

"Windows, shelves and frames become part of your custom gaming setup. 

It's perfect by yourself, it's ideal with friends."

author your augmented gameplay

S-Arkade augments reality using projection mapping, with no need
for headsets.

The physical objects around you,
as well as the optional Hexakades, populate your gaming setup
and transform your gameplay.

Limitless combinations,
limitless challenges.

Go vertical,
go horizontal,
and more

Define your own game rules, bonuses, traps and room appearance with graphics and effects.

Look around you:
where would you play now?  

Upgrade your playground,
with the Hexakades 

The "Hexakades" is our physical tiles set designed to assemble scenarios
on your walls.

Don't limit yourself to reality:
create yours. 

No more sitting,
let’s party now

Go beyond games.

Download interactive experiences
for Parties, Halloween and Holidays to digitally decorate your house with themed effects.

Entertain friends of any age even on your outdoor walls: they'll love it.

We start from Kickstarter next fall, then sky is the limit

© 2022  All rights reserved | S-Arkade is a project by Tabula Natural Interfaces SRL ©

Andrea Baldereschi Agency

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